Notionist was founded on creativity. It’s part of our DNA. It has been important to us along the journey of our growth that we maintain that spirit and sensibility. At Notionist we know that finding a balance between a company’s needs and an individual’s is crucial. Ideas emerge out of culture, not from a managed process. We believe strongly in conversations that wobble around the subject. If you start with facts they usually already belong to someone else, if you can get people to share their lived experiences, you always arrive somewhere you never knew. The trick for us is creating an environment that supports a perpetual state of not knowing—that enables people to design something without not knowing too much.

A Healthy creative environment provides an access point to creativity. To enable ideas and creativity, Notionist studios are arranged so the team could operate in the most relaxed and friendly condition. Our studio enables a good flow of communication. It’s a place with personality and creative inspiration all around, from the music and atmosphere to an individual’s ability to express themselves through their workspace. Notionist’s environment transcends the studio walls and encapsulate the entire agency and its ethos. Every space paints a picture of how Notionist operates. We also have put practices in place to encourage open communication and freely allows the coming together of minds.